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Rural development planning strategies for the province of West Sumatra of Indonesia




Asnawi, Sjofjan

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Canberra, ACT : The Australian National University


This study attempts to find relevant strategies of rural development planning for the province of West Sumatra, Indonesia, by using the theory, international experience, and present conditions of the province as tools of analysis. The background and reasons for the study are set out in Chapter One. The basic concept of rural development is discussed briefly in Chapter Two. It includes the definition of the rural development planning strategy; the distinctions between agricultural and rural development; and goals, elements, stages and phases of rural development. It shows clearly that the process of rural development is an extremely complex and complicated matter. The main function of planning is to help rather than to hinder the development process. Without planning, the process might be slow or misdirected. Some types of rural development strategies include: the Minimum Package Strategy, Comprehensive Approaches, and the Sector and Special Schemes. These are distinguished in Chapter Three. The experience of many developing countries in using these strategies is discussed. It includes the experiences of China and Taiwan and the comprehensive approaches, Malaysia with the "Redbook" planning procedure, Ethiopia with the Minimum Package Program and the Chilalo Agricultural Development Unit project, Kenya with the Kenya Tea Development Authority program, Bangladesh with the Comilla Projects, and Indonesia with the programs of Rice Intensification, Project Management Unit, of rubber, Village and District Subsidy, and a number of Special and Sectoral programs.






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