Interspiritual music as a model for personal transcendence within interfaith dialogue




Cunio, Kim

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Brisbane, Qld.: Australian Association for the Study of Religions


In recent times a new model of interfaith dialogue has emerged in which cross traditional practices and rituals are presented in the manner of a spiritually inclusive service. Though originating in the US this movement is also active in Australia, where it is presented as 'spirituality without borders'. New cross liturgical textual and music services are being written and experienced in traditional single religion venues such as churches and synagogues where the traditional audience is augmented by followers of other religions, as well as people who do not follow a particular religious path. Interspiritual music itself is often traditional liturgical or paraliturgical chant that is rarely heard outside of its traditional place of worship, and in the interfaith context this music is separated from the textual service that it has historically accompanied. Interspiritual music is also examined as a part of musical intercultural practice, and the rise of interculturalism as a methodology for defining cross traditional music is also evaluated.





Australian Association for the Study of Religions Annual Conference 2010


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