Planar narrow bandpass filter based on Si resonant metasurface




Zheng, Ze
Komar, Andrei
Zangeneh Kamali, Khosro
Noble, John
Whichello, Lachlan
Miroshnichenko, Andrey E
Rahmani, Mohsen
Neshev, Dragomir
Xu, Lei

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American Institute of Physics (AIP)


Optically resonant dielectric metasurfaces offer unique capability to fully control the wavefront, polarization, intensity, or spectral content of light based on the excitation and interference of different electric and magnetic Mie multipolar resonances. Recent advances of the wide accessibility in nanofabrication and nanotechnologies have led to a surge in the research field of high-quality functional optical metasurfaces, which can potentially replace or even outperform conventional optical components with ultra-thin features. Replacing conventional optical filtering components with metasurface technology offers remarkable advantages, including lower integration cost, ultra-thin compact configuration, easy combination with multiple functions, and less restriction on materials. Here, we propose and experimentally demonstrate a planar narrow bandpass filter based on the optical dielectric metasurface composed of Si nanoresonators in arrays. A broadband transmission spectral valley (around 200 nm) has been realized by combining electric and magnetic dipole resonances adjacent to each other. Meanwhile, we obtain a narrow-band transmission peak by exciting a high-quality leaky mode, which is formed by partially breaking a bound state in the continuum generated by the collective longitudinal magnetic dipole resonances in the metasurface. Owing to the in-plane inversion symmetry of our nanostructure, the radiation of this antisymmetric mode is inhibited at far field, manifesting itself a sharp Fano-shape peak in the spectrum. Our proposed metasurface-based filter shows a stable performance for oblique light incidence with small angles (within 10°). Our work implies many potential applications of nanoscale photonics devices, such as displays, spectroscopy, etc.





Journal of Applied Physics


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