The broad-lined Type Ic supernova 2003jd




Valenti, S
Benetti, Stefano
Cappellaro, Enrico
Patat, Ferdinando
Mazzali, Paolo A
Turatto, Massimo
Hurley, K C
Maeda, Keiichi
Gal-Yam, Avishay
Foley, Ryan

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The results of a worldwide coordinated observational campaign on the broad-lined Type Ic supernova (SN Ic) 2003jd are presented. In total, 74 photometric data points and 26 spectra were collected using 11 different telescopes. SN 2003jd is one of the most luminous SN Ic ever observed. A comparison with other Type Ic supernovae (SNe Ic) confirms that SN 2003jd represents an intermediate case between broad-line events (2002ap, 2006aj) and highly energetic SNe (1997ef, 1998bw, 2003dh, 2003lw), with an ejected mass of Mej = 3.0 ± 1 M⊙ and a kinetic energy of Ek(tot) = 7+3-2 × 1051 erg. SN 2003jd is similar to SN 1998bw in terms of overall luminosity, but it is closer to SNe 2006aj and 2002ap in terms of light-curve shape and spectral evolution. The comparison with other SNe Ic suggests that the V-band light curves of SNe Ic can be partially homogenized by introducing a time-stretch factor. Finally, because of the similarity of SN 2003jd to the SN 2006aj/XRF 060218 event, we discuss the possible connection of SN 2003jd with a gamma-ray burst (GRB). Journal compilation



Keywords: Supernovae: general; Supernovae: individual: 1996aq; Supernovae: individual: 2003jd



Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society


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