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Effect of irradiation temperature and ion flux on electrical isolation of GaN




Kucheyev, S. O.
Boudinov, H.
Williams, J. S.
Jagadish, C.
Li, G.

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American Institute of Physics (AIP)


We study the evolution of sheet resistance of n-type GaN epilayers irradiated with MeV ¹H and ¹²C ions. Results show that both implantation temperature (varied from 77 up to 423 K) and ion beam flux affect the process of electrical isolation in the case of irradiation with ¹²C ions. This behavior is consistent with significant dynamic annealing occurring in GaN during MeV light-ion bombardment, which suggests a scenario where the centers responsible for electrical isolation are defect clusters or anti-site-related defects. Dynamic annealing causes simple ion-beam-generated Frenkel pairs to annihilate (or cluster) during irradiation at liquid nitrogen temperature and above. These beam-flux and irradiation-temperatureeffects are not observed during bombardment with lighter ¹H ions, which produce very dilute collision cascades. A qualitative model is proposed to explain temperature and flux effects in GaN in the MeV light-ion bombardment regime used for electrical isolation.



Keywords: Beam fluxes; Collision cascade; Defect cluster; Dynamic annealing; Electrical isolation; Frenkel pairs; GaN epilayers; Implantation temperature; Ion fluxes; Irradiation temperature; Liquid nitrogen temperature; Qualitative model; Defects; Heavy ions; Ion



Journal of Applied Physics


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