Setting Students up to Succeed in Computing Internships




Sweetser Kyburz, Penny
King, Alaine
DeWan, Timothy

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Work integrated learning and professional practice skills are fundamental to computer science education, in addition to forming a requirement for professional body accreditation of courses. The Australian National University (ANU) offers internship placements as a project-based work integrated learning opportunity for undergraduate and postgraduate students. The ANU Computer Science Internship Program is innovative in its design, as it provides three streams: (1) placement in a host organisation, (2) an academic project-based program, and (3) professional mentoring and support via workshops and peer circles. Students entering internship placements find themselves challenged by leaving the university to engage in work-integrated learning, and even more so if they are international students encountering foreign workplace culture. We support our students in managing and growing through these challenges by providing a supportive network, both academically and professionally. This paper reports on the design, development, ongoing improvements, challenges, and outcomes of our internship program.



Internships, capstone, computing, computer science, education, work-integrated learning




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