Angle-tolerant linear variable color filter based on a tapered etalon




Ji, Peng
Park, Chul-Soon
Gao, Song
Lee, Sang-Shin
Choi, Duk-Yong

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Optical Society of America


We propose and fabricate a linear variable color filter (LVCF) that possesses an enhanced angular tolerance in conjunction with a wide linear filtering range (LFR) by taking advantage of an Ag-TiO2-Ag configuration. The TiO2 cavity is tapered in thickness along the device so that the resonance wavelength can be continuously tuned according to the position. In addition, the metal-dielectric-metal structure is overlaid with a pre-designed graded anti-reflection coating in SiO2 to complete the etalon, thereby maximizing the transmission efficiency across the entire device. The tapered dielectric layers in the proposed filter were fabricated via glancing angle deposition without the help of any mask or moving parts. The center wavelength was scanned from 410 nm to 566 nm, resulting in an LFR of 156 nm, and the overall spectra exhibited an approximate peak transmission of 40% and spectral bandwidth of 68 nm. The angular tolerance was as large as 45°, incurring a fractional wavelength shift below 4.2%. The resonance wavelength was verified to be linearly dependent on the position, providing a linearity beyond 99%. The proposed LVCF will thus be actively utilized in a portable micro-spectrometer and spectral scanning device.



Wavelength filtering devices, Antireflection coatings, Multilayer design, Thin films, Optical properties, Fabry-Perot, Phase shift



Optics Express


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