Foodborne and waterborne infections in elderly community and long-term care facility residents, Victoria, Australia




Gregory, Joy
Lalor, Karin
Hall, Gillian
Becker, Niels
Kirk, Martyn

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US National Centre for Infectious Diseases


We calculated rates of foodborne and waterborne infections reported to the health department in Victoria, Australia, during 2000-2009 for elderly residents of longterm care facilities (LTCFs) and the community. We used negative binomial regression to estimate incidence rate ratios, adjusting for age, sex, and reporting period. We analyzed 8,277 infections in elderly persons. Rates of campylobacteriosis, legionellosis, listeriosis, toxigenic Escherichia coli infections, and shigellosis were higher in community residents, and rates of Salmonella infection were higher in LTCF residents. Each year, 61.7 Campylobacter infections were reported per 100,000 LTCF residents, compared with 97.6 per 100,000 community residents. LTCF residents were at higher risk for S. enterica serotype Typhimurium associated with outbreaks. Rates of foodborne infections (except salmonellosis) were similar to or lower for LTCF residents than for community residents. These findings may indicate that food preparation practices in LTCFs are safer than those used by elderly persons in the community.



Keywords: aged; article; Australia; Campylobacter; campylobacteriosis; community living; controlled study; Cryptosporidium; epidemic; Escherichia coli infection; female; food poisoning; food processing; food safety; human; infection; infection rate; Legionella long



Emerging Infectious Diseases


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