Do States have a role to influence multi- and bilateral processes in a political and economic environment?



Klaiber, Klaus-Peter

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Premier Carr and Minister President Teufel have offered a very specific perspective regarding the very unique role of their respective states within a federation. I should like to look at the topic from a different angle: the angle of a federation, namely the Federal Republic of Germany. I admit on this occasion that Chancellor Schröder or, as it were one of his ministers, would have a far more authoritative view than I can present to you today. However, I take my legitimacy to speak to you today from the fact that I have in the past for many years worked on issues where national views have been constantly confronted with multilateral dynamics such as in the European Union and in Nato. And also as German ambassador to Australia I am the official representative of the President of the Federal Republic who according to our constitution represents the Federation in terms of international law.


Global Panel Public Policy Forum Sydney, 28 February 2004


federation, Federal Republic of Germany, constitution, German Basic Law, Lander, Australia, economic reforms, international cooperation, international law




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