Renal Glomeruli and Tubular Injury Following Indomethacin, Ibuprofen, and Gentamicin Exposure in a Neonatal Rat Model




Kent, Alison
Maxwell, Lesley
Konia, Mark E
Falk, Michael
Willenborg, David
Dahlstrom, Jane

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International Pediatric Research Foundation Inc


Indomethacin, ibuprofen, and gentamicin are commonly administered to neonates between 24 and 28 wk gestation when glomerulogenesis is still occurring. Indomethacin is known to cause renal failure in up to 25% of infants treated. Possible morphologic effects of these drugs are largely unknown. The purpose of this study was to determine the type of renal changes found on light (LM) and electron microscopy (EM) following administration of indomethacin, ibuprofen, and gentamicin in a neonatal rat model. Rat pups were exposed to indomethacin or ibuprofen and/or gentamicin antenatally for 5 d before birth or postnatally for 5 d from d 1 of life. Pups were killed at 14 d of age. LM examination in all indomethacin- and ibuprofen-treated pups both antenatally and postnatally showed vacuolization of the epithelial proximal tubules, interstitial edema, intratubular protein deposition but no significant glomerular changes. EM examination showed pleomorphic mitochondria and loss of microvilli in the tubules. The glomeruli showed extensive foot process effacement and irregularities of the glomerular basement membrane. EM changes were most marked in pups treated antenatally with ibuprofen, and indomethacin with gentamicin postnatally. Indomethacin, ibuprofen, and gentamicin cause significant change in glomerular and tubular structure in the neonatal rat model.



Keywords: gentamicin; ibuprofen; indometacin; animal cell; animal experiment; animal model; animal tissue; article; cell vacuole; drug exposure; edema; electron microscopy; female; glomerulus; glomerulus basement membrane; kidney epithelium; kidney injury; kidney t



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