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The effect of deposition energy on the microstructure and mechanical properties of high speed steel films prepared using a filtered cathodic vacuum arc




Pagon, A. M.
Partridge, J. G.
Hubbard, P
Taylor, M. B.
McCulloch, Dougal G
Doyle, Edward Dermot
Latham, K
Bradby, Jodie
Borisenko, K. B.
Li, G

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Energetic deposition of high speed steel (HSS) films has been performed using a filtered cathodic vacuum arc system fitted with a AISI M2 HSS cathode. The mechanical properties and microstructure of the films were investigated as a function of the deposition energy. The stoichiometry and microstructure of the deposited films were different to that of the cathode and a dependence on the deposition energy was found. Films deposited at low deposition energies (<100 eV) exhibited reduced concentrations of Mo and W and a smaller average crystallite size than the M2 HSS cathode. These films were found to be significantly harder than the M2 HSS cathode, possibly due to their smaller average crystallite size. A HSS film consisting of an amorphous phase with isolated crystals of bcc Fe was produced using high deposition energy and the deposition rate was found to decrease, likely due to sputtering.



Keywords: AISI M2; Amorphous phase; Deposited films; Deposition energy; Filtered cathodic vacuum arc; High speed steel; High-speed steel tools; High-speed steels; Microstructure and mechanical properties; Amorphous films; Crystallite size; Deposition; Mechanical pr Energetic deposition; Filtered cathodic vacuum arc; High speed steel; Tool steel



Surface and Coatings Technology


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