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Ensemble Metatone: Research Rehearsal 2013-04-20, Set 2



Martin, Charles
Hopgood, Christina
Griffiths, Jonathan

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This performance was part of a series of rehearsals-as-research by Ensemble Metatone to investigate percussive interactions with touch-screen computer music instruments developed by Charles Martin. These performances were recorded with multiple channels of audio and video. Touch-screen data from the computer music instruments was also recorded and animated to help understand the performers’ touch gestures throughout the performance. The performance was free-improvised with no instructions given to any of the performers. The end of the improvisation was defined to be when all performers had stopped playing. In this set, the members of Ensemble Metatone used iPads with the MetaTravels app as their only instruments. The performance took place on 20-04-2013 in the Listening Space studio at the ANU School of Music.



computer music, performance, free improvisation




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