Adaptive Target Scheme for Learning Control of Quantum Systems




Zhang, Wei
Dong, Daoyi
Petersen, Ian

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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE Inc)


Developing efficient algorithms is an important task in the learning control of quantum systems, since most learning control problems for quantum systems involve a heavy requirement for computational resources. In this paper, we employ a learning control algorithm with an adaptive target state developed in the chemical physics community for several classes of quantum control problems. For these problems applied to some new quantum control tasks, we further demonstrate that the algorithm using an adaptive target state can be more efficient than traditional learning control algorithms using a fixed target state. In the algorithm, the target state is updated according to the renormalized fragmentary yield in the desired region (or subspace) throughout the learning iterations. The adaptive target scheme is applied to three significant quantum control tasks, including the slow collision of a sodium cation and an iodine anion, the orientation of a LiH molecule, and population transfer between subspaces. Shaped laser pulses are obtained using the learning control algorithm, and numerical results are presented to demonstrate the advantages of the adaptive target scheme over the algorithm using a fixed target state. The adaptive target scheme is especially useful for learning control problems of quantum systems where the target state is not unique or known.





IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology


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