Busoni and the Piano: the works, the writings, and the recordings




Sitsky, Larry

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Greenwood Press


This book may either be used as a reference volume, to look up information relating to a specific work, or be read right through as a complete survey of Ferruccio Busoni’s piano music: solo, four hands, two piano, piano and orchestra, arrangements, transcriptions, hybrid works defying neat classification, and unpublished works. Some previously unpublished items are included in the Appendix. The lack of appreciation and ignorance of Busoni, even among professional musicians, seemed to both regrettable and unjust, and this work is a partial attempt to rectify this situation. Busoni’s life and personality were so fascinating and magnetic that the majority of his commentators have succumbed to their lures. My orientation—as a pianist and composer—has been primarily practical. My aim has been, therefore, to throw some light on Busoni’s thought processes as a composer and performer and to interest pianists in performing Busoni’s music. My personal library contains every work for piano that Busoni ever wrote, and the comments to be found in the book are the result of either my concert performances or broadcasts or at the very least a reading at the keyboard of every composition.



Bibliography, Discography, Busoni, Ferruccio, 1866-1924, Piano music, orchestra music





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