Local management arrangement in Sesaot Forest, Lombok, Indonesia




Gultom, Magdalena
Lawrence, David
Filer, Colin
Potter, Lesley
Resosudarmo, Budy

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The Sesaot Forest (SF) is a protection forest located at Mt Rinjani, Lombok Island, Indonesia. Formerly a successful community forest project, in 1982 it was reclassified as a protection forest by the Ministry of Forestry due to its importance as a water catchment area for the residents of Lombok. In 2009, Sesaot was reclassified as a Grand Forest Park (Tahura). Currently, the forest management authorities of SF are facing a number of critical issues such as land tenure, illegal logging and intensive resource collection. This paper describes the historical, economic, social, cultural, political and geographical aspects of the two village communities, Sesaot and Lebah Sempage Villages, surrounding the forest. Data collected includes in-depth interviews, focus group meetings, field observation and collecting as well as analyzing written materials and maps. The results shows that complex mixture of historical, economic, social, cultural, political and geographical factors are significantly affecting local management arrangements in managing the protected area. These factors are described in this paper. Keywords: Sesaot forest, Lombok, local management, protected areaswater catchment





International Journal of Environmental Technology and Management


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