A study of the Buddhapalita-Mulamadhyamaka-vrtti




Saito, Akira

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This thesis is a study of the Buddhapalita-mulamadhyamaka-vrtti (BP). It aims at clarifing Buddhapalita's interpretation of the Mlllamadhyamaka­ karika-s and his characteristic method of explanation in comparison with other commentators. The present work is divided into two parts. After a brief Introduction (pp.ix-xxx), which outlines the BP and also discusse some of its main problems, the major portion of Part I is devoted to an annotated English translation (pp.1-285)of the Tibetan text of the BP. The Notes to English translation, which covers chapters one to sixteen, are collectively placed after p.219. Two related problems have drawn my special interest: that is, the textual question of the Mulamadhyamaka-karika-s cited in the commentaries, and the different interpretations of a karika amongst the commentators. In the Notes those instances are treated with considerable detail when necessary. The list of abbreviations and works, which are referred to in this thesis, follows the Notes (pp.286-292). Part II contains the entire Tibetan text of the BP (pp.1-375)based upon the four canonical block prints [PNDC]of bsTan hgyur. The fundamental principle of my critical edition is that the reading of sDe dge edition should be adopted in the text unless it is proved wrong. However, if another reading is preferable for one or more reasons, it is marked with an asterisk in the footnote. The English translation follows the preferred reading.






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