Sanuki no Suke nikki : a translation of The Emperor Horikawa diary




Sanuki no Suke

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In Japan the Heian period (A.D. 794 to 1185) was characterised by a great volume of published works of literature written by women - an event brought about by the coincidence of the development of a Japanese script at a time when women were enjoying a freedom unparalleled till the present and when the country was at peace. One of the most popular forms adopted was the nikki, a diary form which women turned into a masterful combination of poetry and prose. Sanuki no Suke Nikki tells of the life of the court attendant Lady Sanuki during the reign of the young Emperor Horikawa, who died at the early age of 29, and subsequently of her life for a brief period serving his son, who became Emperor at the age of four. It is a moving story of Lady Sanuki's devotion to the Emperor, her faithful attendance him during his last illness and the grief of the whole court after his death. It tells in retrospect of Lady Sanuki{u2019}s many happy hours at court with Emperor Horikawa and of court ceremonies and festivals. This is the first English translation of an important work which provides insight into the court life of the period.







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