Stereoselective intramolecular Michael addition reactions of pyrrole and their application to natural product syntheses




Beck, Daniel

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Chapter one; “(-)-Rhazinilam and (-)-Rhazinal: Alkaloids with Anti-mitotic Properties Derived from Kopsia teoi”, provides the background information behind the motives that initiated this research project. The plant alkaloid (-)-rhazinilam [(-)-1] and its naturally-occurring derivative (-)-rhazinal [(-)-13] both exhibit potent anti-mitotic activities and, as such, are interesting targets for total synthesis. Chapter one is a review of the literature regarding these two compounds and discusses the occurrence, proposed biosynthetic origins, structural elucidation and biological activites of compound (-)-1 and that of its analogues including alkaloid (-)-13. ... ¶ Chapter two; “Investigating Asymmetric Induction in the Intramolecular Michael Addition of pyrrole to N-Tethered Acrylates and Related Species”, introduces the model study used to direct research towards achieving the goal of asymmetric induction in the title process. The model is a somewhat simplified version of the original process used in the total synthesis of compound (-)-13 involving cyclisation of the C2 of pyrrole onto an N-tethered and ?-monosubstituted Michael acceptor, to produce a tertiary-carbon stereogenic centre. ... ¶ Chapter three “An Enantioselective Total Synthesis of the Alkaloid (-)-Rhazinal: An Anti-mitotic Agent Isolated from Kopsia teoi.”, focuses on the application of methodology developed in the previous chapter, to the original goal of inducing asymmetry in the intramolecular Michael addition reaction, involving cyclisation of the C2 of pyrrole onto an N-tethered and ?,?-disubstituted acrylate to produce a quaternary-carbon stereogenic centre. ...¶ Chapter four “Extending the Reaction Manifold to the Syntheses of Related Natural Products: A Formal Total Synthesis of (+)-Aspidospermidine and Syntheses of (-)-Rhazinilam and (-)-Leuconolam from (-)-Rhazinal”, describes three extensions to the reaction manifold used in the enantioselective total synthesis of alkaloid (-)-13: ... ¶ Chapter five contains the experimental procedures and characterisation data associated with compounds described in chapters two to four.



conjugate addition • Friedel Crafts alkylation • enantioselective • diastereoselective • asymmetric induction • chiral organocatalyst • chiral Lewis acid • chiral auxilliary • metathesis • antimitotic • indolizine • indolizidine • pyrroloazepine • stemona alkaloid




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