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Aspects of the administration of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization : an analysis of some of the special conditions for organizing and managing governmental research as exemplified by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization




Harrison, Howard Pyne

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Scientific research has become an important activity of government . It is t he thesis of this investigation that careful attention to the administration of research will significantly ai d in meeting the goals of the research agency while safeguarding the conditions necessary to encourage creative work , The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization of Australia is successfully carrying on basic and applied research to aid primary and secondary industry. I t i s an agency with considerable autonomy controlled and administered largely by scientists . The particular arrangements which they have adopted will, therefore, be examined to test the thesis and to provide further information on administering research activities. The exposition is divided into four parts . Part One reviews the arguments about functions and structure advanced at the times when Commonwealth statutes providing for this activity came under review. It discusses the present statutory structure of the agency, indicating the forces which shaped it. ?art Two describes the actual administration of the C.S.I.R.0., outlining the present internal arrangements for carrying out the statutory provisions . Part Three describes what the scientists consider to be crucial personnel arrangements . The final part, Part Four, analyses and assesses aspects of the administration of the C.S.I.R.O. described in the previous parts - the present statute and its implementation, the special personnel classification and advancement systems, and the autonomous status of the Organization - indicating some elements of the present arrangements which could profitably be modified. From this t he conclusion is reached that the assertions which scientists made ( and implemented) with respect to the C.S.I.R.O. rightly insisted on certain special conditions which should be met in applying management practice to an organisation of this kind, but did not affect the usefulness and validity of modern administrative techniques and experience for research organizations. It i s asserted that some alterations in the administrative arrangements at present in force in the C.S .I.R. o. and more concern for administrative standards and experience would make a significant contribution to the more effective working of that Organization .






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