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An Australian botanical narrative : a practice-led enquiry into representations of Australian flora on the ceramic vessel as an expression of environmental culture




Franzi, Cathryn Vanessa

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This practice-led research investigates ways in which representations of Australian flora on ceramic vessels can communicate ideas about current environmental culture. The project developed from a curiosity about whether changing attitudes to Australia's environment, from colonisation to the present time of unprecedented species decline, might be found reflected on historical and contemporary ceramic objects. Botanical exploration and the scientific study of Australia's vast flora have produced a rich resource of natural history documentation. The aim was to establish a framework specific to the project that utilises these resources and current theoretical and practical approaches to understanding flora and the environment in both the sciences and humanities. Through this interdisciplinary enquiry, visual arts and botanical research methodologies intersected in the studio informing material, technical and conceptual developments. This exploration takes the form of an installation of wheel thrown vessels with carved and inlaid surface imagery of Australian flora, where, through form, imagery, material and placement, a metaphorical space is made in which to reflect on current environmental culture.



Australian, flora, ceramic, vessels, environmental, culture, colonisation, species, decline, historical, contemporary




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