Pacific Trade and Development II : Papers and proceedings of a conference held by the East-West Center, Honolulu in January 1969




Pacific Trade and Development Conference

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The Japan Economic Research Center Tokyo


The Second Conference on Pacific Trade and Development was held at the East-West Center from 8th through 11th January 1969 both to follow-up the results of the first conference held in Tokyo, January 1968, on the Pacific Free Trade Area scheme and also to discuss the trade and aid relationships of the Asian developing countries with the advanced Pacific countries. Contained in this book are the papers and proceedings of the conference. International trade and monetary policies in the Post-Kennedy Round world and the Nixon Government era are in a fluid state groping towards a new direction. Also the results of the Second United Nations Conference on Trade and Development last spring point to the conclusion that a new design for expanding trade and for accelerating economic development both within and between advanced Pacific countries and Asian developing countries must be put into practice. Really, the expansion of trade and the promotion of economic development with closer cooperation in this Pacific and Asian region which has a huge potential should be a critical focus for the world which finds itself in a trade and monetary turmoil. A number of useful proposals to meet these ends were thrashed out in the conference. Several difficulties in realizing them were also envisaged and everyone was well aware that further studies would have to be undertaken. As indicated in the communique issued by the conference, our study should be continued. Our academic studies, I am confident, will throw light, gradually but steadily, upon pragmatic policies of the governments and business circles concerned. I am deeply grateful to all the participants and the Hawaii Committee who have worked so hard and who have created a new design for the economic development of the Pacific/ Asia region.







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