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Revealing the Invisible: Examining Contemporary Social, Economic and Political Realities through Sculptural Media (Glass & Ceramic)




Kim, Namdoo

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This thesis is a practice-led research project that investigates how socio-political themes like status-driven economics, mass surveillance, media manipulated and simulacra saturated societies of today, can be examined through sculpture. It explores ways to reveal contemporary social structures and relationships through experimenting with forms and materials that could speak metaphorically to reveal the underpinnings of social conditions, as well as the emotional impact they create. I argue that it is possible to communicate my interpretation of current social issues, and provide a platform for contemplative thought and deeper insight into our social reality by developing a unique voice using sculptural media. My goal is to help raise awareness of these issues as they occur in South Korea and internationally in the hope that my voice might help younger generations avoid the unhappiness and grief of the societal pressures that I experienced, and which persist today in my country and in many other developed countries. My work examines specific social-political issues through diverse disciplines, psychological ideas, perspectives and philosophies that interpret contemporary society. Organised into four chapters which each introduce various perspectives of contemporary society based on concepts and ideas gleaned from my hermeneutic research. Each presents specific social issues and offers understanding, re-interpretation and personal insight. My innovations lie in the development of the unique voice my work to brings to the power of sculptural art to communicate socio-political themes.






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