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Analysis of 3D Bone Ingrowth into Polymer Scaffolds via Micro-computed Tomography Imaging




Jones, Anthony
Milthorpe, Bruce
Averdunk, Holger
Limaye, Ajay
Senden, Timothy
Sakellariou, Arthur
Sheppard, Adrian
Sok, Robert
Knackstedt, Mark
Brandwood, Arthur

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Pergamon-Elsevier Ltd


This paper illustrates the utility of micro-computed tomography (micro-CT) to study the process of tissue engineered bone growth. A micro-CT facility for imaging and visualising biomaterials in three dimensions (3D) is described. The facility is capable of acquiring 3D images made up of 20003 voxels on specimens up to 60mm in extent with resolutions down to 2μm. This allows the 3D structure of tissue engineered materials to be imaged across three orders of magnitude of detail. The capabilities of micro-CT are demonstrated by imaging the Haversian network within human femoral cortical bone (distal diaphysis) and bone ingrowth into a porous scaffold at varying resolutions. Phase identification combined with 3D visualisation enables one to observe the complex topology of the canalicular system of the cortical bone. Imaging of the tissue engineered bone at a scale of 1cm and resolutions of 10μm allows visualisation of the complex ingrowth of bone into the polymer scaffold. Further imaging at 2μm resolution allows observation of bone ultra-structure. These observations illustrate the benefits of tomography over traditional techniques for the characterisation of bone morphology and interconnectivity and performs a complimentary role to current histomorphometric techniques.



Keywords: Cells; Growth kinetics; Medical imaging; Patient monitoring; Polymers; Topology; Bone growth; Histomorphometric techniques; Micro-computed tomography; Polymer scaffolds; Bone; polymer; article; bone growth; computer assisted tomography; cortical bone; dat Bone tissue engineering; Image analysis; Micro-structure; Scaffold; X-ray micro-computed tomography





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