Visual attentional processes in adults with dyslexia




Buchholz, Judith Ann

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Deficits in sensory processing of visual and auditory stimuli, specifically that associated with the magnocellular/dorsal pathways, have been extensively reported in individuals with dyslexia (McArthur and Bishop, 2001; Stein, 2001). Furthermore, significant relationships have been reported between reading ability and performance on sensory processing tasks, both in the auditory and the visual modalities (Cestnick and Coltheart, 1999; Cestnick and Jerger, 2000; Talcott et al., 2002). However, a central role for phonological difficulties in reading difficulties independent of visual and auditory processing deficits has been demonstrated (Ramus et al., 2003b). The inconsistent results may be explained by individual differences in attentional processes (Marshall et al., 2001; Olson and Datta, 2002). While many studies have been carried out investigating attentional difficulties experienced by children with dyslexia, relatively few have examined these difficulties in adults with dyslexia (ADys). Furthermore, the relationship of these difficulties to the phonological deficits most often seen has yet to be fully explored. By determining the difficulties experienced by individuals with dyslexia, it may be possible to develop strategies to overcome them. This thesis primarily examines and compares processes of visual attention in adults with and without dyslexia. Each adult with dyslexia demonstrated phonological deficits consistent with this difficulty being a core deficit in dyslexia. A case-based approach, in addition to the usual group comparisons, has been adopted...



Visual Attention, Dyslexia




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