Assessing the Viability of the ACT Natural Gas Distribution Network for Reuse as a Hydrogen Distribution Network




Gaykema, E. W.
Skryabin, Igor
Prest, James
Hanson, B.

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ANU College of Law


The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) has legislated and aims to be net zero emissions by 2045. Therefore, we need to understand now the impacts on the gas distribution network of the transition to 100% hydrogen. To assess the viability of decarbonising ACT gas networks based on the cost of reusing the ACT gas network for the safe and reliable distribution of hydrogen requires each element of the natural gas safety management system to be evaluated and where gaps in capability are identified, appropriate measures taken to ensure ongoing validity of the safety case. Evoenergy (the ACT’s gas distribution company) have constructed a Test Facility, incorporating an electrolyser, a gas supply pressure reduction and mixing skid a replica gas network and a domestic installation with gas appliances. Jointly with Australian National University (ANU) and Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) the Company has commenced a program of “bench testing”, initially with 100% hydrogen to identify gaps in the safety case specifically focusing on the materials, work practices and safety systems in the ACT.





International Conference on Hydrogen Safety


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