Mathura: Sri Larshmi [sic], 2nd Century A.D.



Photographer: Arthur Llewellyn Basham

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An interesting comparison can be made between this figure of the goddess, Sri Larshmi [sic], with that of Durga or Camunda in slide ten: both figures are related to ancient fertility-cult or mother-goddess symbolism but the latter example is decidedly in the tradition of folk-art while the former is characteristic of the refined Mathuran style in its mature phase, Where Durga or Camunda was often depicted in an active warrior-like attitude, even in the most refined sculptures of her later appearance, Sri Larshmi is never shown in that attitude, More often, Sri Larshmi is depicted in a gentle fashion, as she is in our illustration, sometimes in the motherly 'milk-giving' pose or holding lotus blossoms and being sprinkled with water by her elephants, Basically, the beautiful goddess is a typical blooming Yakshi figure endowed with the tenderness of a truly maternal character, This image is implicit in the present case, -- New Delhi, Central Asian Antiquities Museum,


Mathura, Railing & pillar Sculpture, stone sculpture, mounted transparency set





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Basham Collection

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circa 1970s

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