A 20-sun hybrid PV-Thermal linear micro-concentrator system for urban rooftop applications




Walters, Daniel
Everett, Vernie
Vivar, Marta
Harvey, Judith
Muric-Nesic, Jelena
Ratcliff, Thomas
Surve, Sachin
Van Scheppingen, Ruud
Le Lievre, P
Greaves, Mikal

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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE Inc)


A unique, linear, low-concentration, hybrid 'micro-concentrator' (MCT) system concept has been developed specifically for urban rooftop environments. The light-weight, low-profile form factor satisfies aesthetic demands for general rooftop solar technologies, and is a marked departure from conventional linear concentrator systems. Valuable thermal energy, normally of nuisance value only, and usually wasted by conventional CPV, is extracted via a heat transfer fluid. The recovered thermal energy can be used for applications ranging from domestic hot water through to space heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), and process heat. The system can be modularly configured for hybrid concentrating PV-Thermal (CPV-T) or thermal-only operation to meet specific customer demands. At a 20x concentration ratio, system output of 500 Wpe and 2 kWpt is expected, for a combined system efficiency of up to 75%. The MCT is constructed from mature, proven technologies and industry-standard processes. An installed system cost of less than US$2/Wpe is targeted, and commercial availability is expected to commence in 2011.



Keywords: Combined system; Commercial availability; Concentrating PV; Concentration ratio; Concentrator systems; Customer demands; Domestic hot water; Form factors; Heat transfer fluids; Light weight; Linear concentrator; Low concentrations; Low profile; Process he



Proceedings of PVSC 2010


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