Early Sumerian period : Cylinder seals and impressions, third quarter of 4th millennium BC



Strommenger, Eva
Photographer: Arthur Llewellyn Basham

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Upper row : Two lions facing each other with interlocking of elongated heads, between them a mythical lion-headed bird of prey
Im-dugud, a mythical being which later appears as e.g. the emblem of the god Nigirsu
uneveness contrasts with very well-finished examples of Early Sumerian glyptic art. 2nd row : Also worked mainly with drill
Im-dugud is again shown among wild animals (lions, bearded cattle, wild goats, gazelle, deer & birds of prey). 3rd row left : Two naked men harnessing huge bull. 3rd row right : Bulls & ears of corn, world of domestic animals and agriculture associated with the divine order and thus had prominent position in Early Sumerian imagery. Bottom row : Large figure in long net skirt on short in short one
what remains of a bundle of reeds, the symbol of the goddess Inanna
bearded principal figure with hair in bun held by band is central to Early Sumerian pictorial art
god, priest or ruler dressed as priest (?), always appears in connection with "Queen of Heaven" - Inanna, sometimes feeding the holy temple herd
conical upper surface of seal is decorated with cattle (?) and reed bundles in positive relief. -- 1.25 actual size, green jasper (Louvre and British Museum).


Mesopotamia : Eridu-'Ubaid period, Early Sumerian period, Fara-Ur I period, Imperial Akkadian period, seals, stone, book scan





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