Eight Hour Day procession float, Sydney




Photographer: F. Smith

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Photograph of a bakery float and a New South Wales Operative Bakers' Association banner float at the Royal Agricultural Society Showground amid a crowd of men who are mostly in baker uniform, some children and a few women. The showground was the usual Sydney destination for the processions until about 1920 and was where the marchers and their families would partake in sports, entertainment and speeches after the parade. Two bakers wear sash-like regalia. The one on the right looks as if he might be the Sydney Operative Bakers' Association representative, Mr D.A. McKenzie (see images T013-32-22 and T013-32-23). The float displays a tableau of a working bakery with painted brick walls and is adorned with bunches of flowers, possibly arum lilies. The imagery on the banner includes a handshake in a round window, the three eights that refer to the eight hours each of labour, rest and recreation entwined at the top centre, and a scoop of natural produce including wheat and flannel flowers above a bakery scene. There are also a number of classically garbed female figures with shields, swords and laurel wreaths who may have patriotic significance. In front of the banner is a small handcart with many different types of bread rolls attached to it.The horses hired to pull the floats are decorated with ornate harnesses, nickelled mounts, bells, fringes and ribbons. The building in the background has an ornate façade with a row of arched windows and semicircular and pillared insets into the roof.








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Baking Trade Employees Federation of Australia, New South Wales Branch
Noel Butlin Archives Centre. ANU Archives Program.

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