Interactive web-based visualization and sharing of phylogenetic trees using phylogeny.IO




Jovanovic, Nikola
Mikheyev, Alexander

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Oxford University Press


Traditional static publication formats make visualization, exploration, and sharing of massive phylogenetic trees difficult. A phylogenetic study often involves hundreds of taxa, and the resulting tree has to be split across multiple journal pages, or be shrunk onto one, which jeopardizes legibility. Furthermore, additional data layers, such as species-specific information or time calibrations are often displayed in separate figures, making the entire picture difficult for readers to grasp. Web-based technologies, such as the Data Driven Document (D3) JavaScript library, were created to overcome such challenges by allowing interactive displays of complex data sets. The new phylogeny.IO web server ( overcomes this issue by allowing users to easily import, annotate, and share interactive phylogenetic trees. It allows a range of static (e.g. such as shapes and colors) and dynamic (e.g. pop-up text and images) annotations. Annotated trees can be saved on the server for subsequent modification or they may be shared as IFrame HTML objects, easily embeddable in any web page. The principal goal of phylogeny.IO is not to produce publication-ready figures, but rather to provide a simple and intuitive annotation interface that allows easy and rapid sharing of figures in blogs, lecture notes, press releases, etc.





Nucleic Acids Research


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