Advertisement fro Dunlop cord tyres: The R.A.C.V. Great Alpine Motor Contest




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An advertisement that incorporates eleven photographs taken of scenes along the 1250 mile competition route. This was one of a series of motor reliabilty contests organised by the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria. It started on March 6 and concluded on March 10 1924. According to the Dunlop Motoring and Cycling Notes the incident referred to in the caption of picture 7. occurred on Day 4 and Mr A. Tierdich's Essex escaped from its mishap with only a badly bent axle. In picture 11. the Notes identify car number (9) as a Lancia Lambda driven by A. Barber Junior. The car in Picture 5 is a 1918 model Cadillac and that in Picture 3 is a Scottish car, the Angus Sanderson.The caption includes: 'An examination of the "Dunlop" shod cars that took part in this strenuous Alpine Test reveals that these tyres came through in a remarkable condition - showing in most instances, practically no sign of the gruelling test that they successfully withstood.' The photograph descriptions are: '1. Summit of Mt. Kosciusko (N.S.W.) 7328 ft.; 2. Woolly-Butt forest, Mt. Wills (Vic.) 4800 ft.; 3. Start of 12 miles descent of Brown Mountain (N.S.W.) 3800 ft.; 4. Mt. Hotham (Vic.) 6100 ft., the highest through road in Australia; 5. A novel experience for the Contestants - Snow in midsummer on "Kosy"; 6. Near Batlow (N.S.W.); 7. A.Tierdich - in the Talbingo Hill Climb - "snapped" a second before his capsize owing to a side skid; 8. Up the Tumut Valley (N.S.W.) on the way to Mt. Talbingo; 9. A scene near Nowa Nowa (Vic.); 10. Winding road near Omeo (Vic.) on way to Mt. Wills; 11.Climbing Mt. Talbingo (N.S.W.) 4100 ft..'








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