Relationships between Myocardial Injury, All-cause Mortality, Vitamin D, PTH, and Biochemical Bone Turnover Markers in Older Patients with Hip Fractures




Fisher, Alex
Southcott, Emma
Srikusalanukul, Wichat
Davis, Michael W
Hickman, Peter
Potter, Julia
Smith, Paul

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Association of Clinical Scientists


This study examined the relationships between myocardial injury as indicated by serum cardiac troponin I (cTnI) elevation, 25 hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D], and PTH status and biochemical markers of bone metabolism in older patients with hip fracture (HF). In 238 consecutive patients (mean age 81.9 ± 7.8 yr; 72% women) with low trauma HF, serum concentrations of cTnI, 25(OH)D, PTH, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, osteocalcin, bone-specific alkaline phosphatase (BAP), and urine excretion of free deoxypyridinoline (DPD) and N-terminal cross-linked teleopeptide of type I collagen (NTx) were measured and clinical data were collected prospectively. Myocardial injury (cTnI >0.06 μg/L) presented in 29%, 25(OH)D deficiency (<50 nmol/L) in 81.6%, elevated PTH (>6.5 pmol/L) in 53%, and excessive bone resorption (increased DPD and/or NTx excretion) in 93.7%. Multivariate logistic regression showed that elevated serum PTH level is a major predictor of peri-operative myocardial injury (OR = 2.13; 95% CI 1.01-4.51; p = 0.049) and in-hospital all-cause mortality (OR = 18.5; 95% CI 2.0-72.3; p = 0.010), independent of age, sex, 25(OH)D status, and comorbidities. The degree of hyperparathyroidism was associated with the risk of cTnI elevation and the mortality rate. In cTnI positive patients, PTH levels correlated with cTnI concentrations (r = 0.28; p = 0.026) and urine DPD exretion (r = 0.37; p = 0.004). These results suggest for the first time that in older patients with HF, elevated PTH level is associated with peri-operative myocardial injury and in-hospital all-cause mortality, and that elevated PTH level contributes to both disturbed bone metabolism and poor outcomes.



Keywords: 25 hydroxyvitamin D; alkaline phosphatase bone isoenzyme; biochemical marker; calcium; collagen type 1; deoxypyridinoline; magnesium; osteocalcin; parathyroid hormone; phosphorus; troponin I; vitamin D; age; aged; article; bone metabolism; calcium blood l Bone turnover markers; Cardiac troponin I; Hip fracture; Mortality; PTH; Vitamin D



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