A blended face-to-face and smartphone intervention for suicide prevention in the construction industry: Protocol for a randomized controlled trial with MATES in Construction




Milner, A
King, Tania
Scovelle, A. J.
Batterham, Philip
Kelly, Brian
LaMontagne, Anthony
Harvey, Samuel
Gullestrup, Jorgen
Lockwood, Chris

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Background Construction workers are at elevated risk of suicide. MATES in Construction (MATES) is one of the few suicide prevention programs that explicitly address this problem. The MATES program includes an integrated system of services that supports prevention, early intervention and recovery (i.e., primary, secondary and tertiary prevention) for mental health problems among construction workers. In this protocol, we describe a proposed evaluation of MATESmobile, an electronic platform which will be accessed by workers who have undergone MATES training. Methods/design In this protocol, we describe a Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) which seeks to assess whether MATESmobile results in improved literacy regarding suicide prevention, and improved help-seeking and help-offering attitudes among those who have attended MATES training. Secondary outcomes include changes in suicide ideation, suicide attempt and psychological distress. Workers will be recruited prior to MATES face-to-face training. In total, 295 workers will be randomly assigned to the intervention condition (MATESmobile + face-to-face training) and 295 will be randomly allocated to the control (face-to-face training). The intervention will run for 8 weeks. Assessments will be run immediately post intervention, and at 3, 6, and 12 months Discussion MATESmobile offers the potential to reinforce and enhance the effects of face-to-face training, resulting in greater skills and knowledge in suicide prevention, as well as a reduction in suicidality and distress.



Mental health, Help-seeking, Help-offering, Suicide prevention, Men, Employment, Workplace



BMC Psychiatry


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