A Febi boy in his very early teens holding his bow and a sheaf of arrows while attending a late-night curing ceremony in Bulong longhouse.



Photographer: David R. Eastburn, 1949-

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Photographer's note: Febi people live in the Upper Strickland Tributaries Census Division of the Western Province, Papua New Guinea. Their territory is a plain located between the east bank of the Strickland River and the base of the Muller Range escarpment, in the far north-east corner of the Western Province, near the border with the Hela Province, Papua New Guinea. The Febi, referred to as Sinale/ Tsinale or Agala, by Duna and Huli neighbours, are Papuan Lowland people. They are culturally related to groups on the East Strickland Plain to the south and the Great Papuan Plateau to the south-east. They are linguistically closely related to the Konai people to the west and Kubo neighbours to the south. Febi boys are expected to make an adult contribution to the welfare of their communities and take their places as warriors at a young age. This photograph was shot in a Bulong longhouse, approximately 1.5 kilometres SE of the resurgence of the north branch of the Liddle (Dogomo) River (marked as ‘rapids’ on 1: 100 000 Karoma map sheet 7386). Universal grid reference: 54M XU454573. (144 19 E. 5 49 S.)







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