Intermixing of InGaAs/GaAs quantum wells and quantum dots using sputter-deposited silicon oxynitride capping layers




McKerracher, Ian
Fu, Lan
Hoe Tan, Hark
Jagadish, Chennupati

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American Institute of Physics (AIP)


Various approaches can be used to selectively control the amount of intermixing in III-Vquantum well and quantum dotstructures. Impurity-free vacancy disordering is one technique that is favored for its simplicity, however this mechanism is sensitive to many experimental parameters. In this study, a series of silicon oxynitride capping layers have been used in the intermixing of InGaAs/GaAs quantum well and quantum dotstructures. These thin films were deposited by sputter deposition in order to minimize the incorporation of hydrogen, which has been reported to influence impurity-free vacancy disordering. The degree of intermixing was probed by photoluminescence spectroscopy and this is discussed with respect to the properties of the SiOxNyfilms. This work was also designed to monitor any additional intermixing that might be attributed to the sputtering process. In addition, the high-temperature stress is known to affect the group-III vacancy concentration, which is central to the intermixing process. This stress was directly measured and the experimental values are compared with an elastic-deformation model.



Keywords: Capping layer; Degree of intermixing; Experimental parameters; Experimental values; High temperature stress; Impurity free vacancy disordering; InGaAs/GaAs; Intermixing process; Quantum dot structure; Silicon oxynitrides; Sputtering process; Vacancy conce



Journal of Applied Physics


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