The Stock Exchange of Perth, Western Australia



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Photograph of a group of men in front of and in the entranceway of the Perth Stock Exchange Building. The men presumably all work in the building. The figure fifth from the right dressed in a jacket with conspicuous buttons all the way up the front and unusual headgear might be a messenger boy. The Exchange has a symmetrical façade and features bay windows and arched openings, balustrades and an entablature. Some of the decorative details are Classical, such as the Corinthian capitals on the pilasters. On the other hand, the small pillars above the entrance and the carved ornamentation on the upper window arches are more reminiscent of a Medieval cloister. The dates: 1889, and, 1897 are carved on either side. There is a plaque in the lower left of the façade, but the inscription is too faded to be legible. A number of businesses announce their occupation through signs painted onto windows. They include: T. C Dunster, Mining Agent; Polain & Co., Consulting Engineers; J. Polain, Architect; Tregurtha & Coles and G. W Dent & Co., Auctioneers. The Stock Exchange had for a period been housed in the National Bank building in St Georges Terrace, but that had been demolished in 1887. The building in this image was built to replace it.








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Intercolonial Investment and Land Building Company
Noel Butlin Archives Centre. ANU Archives Program.

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