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Locally adaptive gridding of noisy high resolution topographic data

Author(s)Hutchinson, Michael; Stein, John; Stein, Janet; Xu, Tingbao
TypeConference paper
Date Published2009
Date CreatedJuly 13-17 2009

New methods for incorporating and analysing drainage structure in digital elevation models

Author(s)Hutchinson, Michael; Stein, Janet; Gallant, John C; Dowling, T I
TypeConference paper
Date Published2013
Date CreatedOctober 16-20 2013
Hutter Sparse Adaptive 2013.pdf.jpg

Sparse adaptive Dirichlet-multinomial-like processes

Author(s)Hutter, Marcus
TypeConference paper
Date PublishedJun-2013
Date Created12 June 2013 through 14 June 2013

The multistage history of the Queen Maud Batholith, La Gorce Mountains, central Transantarctic Mountains

Author(s)Vogel, Marilyn; Weaver, Steve; Ireland, Trevor
TypeConference paper
Date Published2002
Date CreatedJuly 5 1999

Palaeoecophylostoichiometrics Searching for the Elemental Composition of the Last Universal Common Ancestor

Author(s)Chopra, Aditya; Brocks, Jochen; Lineweaver, Charles; Ireland, Trevor
TypeConference paper
Date Published2010
Date CreatedSeptember 28-30 2009

Crossroads: Shanghai and the Jews of China

Author(s)Cunio, Kim
TypeConference paper
Date Published2010
Date Created6/05/2010

Indoor Scene Parsing with Instance Segmentation, Semantic Labeling and Support Relationship Inference

Author(s)Zhuo, Wei; Salzmann, Mathieu; He, Xuming; Miaomiao, Liu
TypeConference paper
Date PublishedJul-2017
Date Created-

How signatures of quasifission evolve in reactions forming Curium

Author(s)Williams, Elizabeth; Hinde, David; Dasgupta, Mahananda; du Rietz, Rickard; Carter, Ian; Evers, Maurits; Luong, Duc Huy; McNeil, Steven; Rafferty, Dominic; Ramachandran, K.; Wakhle, Aditya
TypeConference paper
Date Published2015
Date CreatedFebruary 24-28 2014

Coherent quantum filtering for physically realizable linear quantum plants

Author(s)Vladimirov, Igor; Petersen, Ian
TypeConference paper
Date Published2013
Date CreatedJuly 17-19 2013
Settle_2015_Engaging citizens in deliberations_Democratising health policy.pdf.jpg

Engaging citizens in deliberations for health policy development: Democratising health policy?

Author(s)Settle, Catherine
TypeConference paper
Date PublishedAug-2015
Date Created-

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