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Calibration of the Advanced LIGO detectors for the discovery of the binary black-hole merger GW150914

Altin, Paul; Chow, Jong; Mansell, Georgia; McClelland, David; McManus, David; Nguyen, Thanh; Rabeling, David; Scott, Susan M; Shaddock, Daniel; Abbott, B; Abbott, Robert; Abbott, T; Ackley, K; Adhikari, Rana; Barish, Barry; Barsotti, L; Berger, B K; Bilenko, I A; Billingsley, G; Blackburn, James Kent; Blair, David Gerald; Bork, R; Braginsky, V; Cannon, Kipp; Coward, D; Dhurandhar, S; Ehrens, P; Etzel, T; Fairhurst, S; Favata, Marc; Frei, Z; Fritschel, Peter; Gehrels, N; Giaime, J; Heptonstall, A; Howell, E; Huttner, S.H.; Kells, W; Korth, W. Zach; Kozak, D; Lasky, P. D.; Lazzarini, A; Lockerbie, N.A.; Mageswaran, M; Maros, E; Martynov, D; Matichard, F; Mavalvala, Nergis; Melatos, Andrew; Mendell, G; Meshkov, S; Oelker, E; Ottaway, D J; Pedraza, M; Penn, S; Reed, C M; Reitze, D; Sammut, L; Saulson, P; Sigg, D; Sintes, A; Souradeep, T; Strain, Ken A; Strigin, S; Summerscales, T.Z.; Slagmolen, Bram; Wade, Andrew; Ward, Robert; Qin, Jiayi; Yap, Min Jet


In Advanced LIGO, detection and astrophysical source parameter estimation of the binary black hole merger GW150914 requires a calibrated estimate of the gravitational-wave strain sensed by the detectors. Producing an estimate from each detector’s differential arm length control loop readout signals requires applying time domain filters, which are designed from a frequency domain model of the detector’s gravitational-wave response. The gravitational-wave response model is determined by the...[Show more]

dc.contributor.authorAltin, Paul
dc.contributor.authorChow, Jong
dc.contributor.authorMansell, Georgia
dc.contributor.authorMcClelland, David
dc.contributor.authorMcManus, David
dc.contributor.authorNguyen, Thanh
dc.contributor.authorRabeling, David
dc.contributor.authorScott, Susan M
dc.contributor.authorShaddock, Daniel
dc.contributor.authorAbbott, B
dc.contributor.authorAbbott, Robert
dc.contributor.authorAbbott, T
dc.contributor.authorAckley, K
dc.contributor.authorAdhikari, Rana
dc.contributor.authorBarish, Barry
dc.contributor.authorBarsotti, L
dc.contributor.authorBerger, B K
dc.contributor.authorBilenko, I A
dc.contributor.authorBillingsley, G
dc.contributor.authorBlackburn, James Kent
dc.contributor.authorBlair, David Gerald
dc.contributor.authorBork, R
dc.contributor.authorBraginsky, V
dc.contributor.authorCannon, Kipp
dc.contributor.authorCoward, D
dc.contributor.authorDhurandhar, S
dc.contributor.authorEhrens, P
dc.contributor.authorEtzel, T
dc.contributor.authorFairhurst, S
dc.contributor.authorFavata, Marc
dc.contributor.authorFrei, Z
dc.contributor.authorFritschel, Peter
dc.contributor.authorGehrels, N
dc.contributor.authorGiaime, J
dc.contributor.authorHeptonstall, A
dc.contributor.authorHowell, E
dc.contributor.authorHuttner, S.H.
dc.contributor.authorKells, W
dc.contributor.authorKorth, W. Zach
dc.contributor.authorKozak, D
dc.contributor.authorLasky, P. D.
dc.contributor.authorLazzarini, A
dc.contributor.authorLockerbie, N.A.
dc.contributor.authorMageswaran, M
dc.contributor.authorMaros, E
dc.contributor.authorMartynov, D
dc.contributor.authorMatichard, F
dc.contributor.authorMavalvala, Nergis
dc.contributor.authorMelatos, Andrew
dc.contributor.authorMendell, G
dc.contributor.authorMeshkov, S
dc.contributor.authorOelker, E
dc.contributor.authorOttaway, D J
dc.contributor.authorPedraza, M
dc.contributor.authorPenn, S
dc.contributor.authorReed, C M
dc.contributor.authorReitze, D
dc.contributor.authorSammut, L
dc.contributor.authorSaulson, P
dc.contributor.authorSigg, D
dc.contributor.authorSintes, A
dc.contributor.authorSouradeep, T
dc.contributor.authorStrain, Ken A
dc.contributor.authorStrigin, S
dc.contributor.authorSummerscales, T.Z.
dc.contributor.authorSlagmolen, Bram
dc.contributor.authorWade, Andrew
dc.contributor.authorWard, Robert
dc.contributor.authorQin, Jiayi
dc.contributor.authorYap, Min Jet
dc.description.abstractIn Advanced LIGO, detection and astrophysical source parameter estimation of the binary black hole merger GW150914 requires a calibrated estimate of the gravitational-wave strain sensed by the detectors. Producing an estimate from each detector’s differential arm length control loop readout signals requires applying time domain filters, which are designed from a frequency domain model of the detector’s gravitational-wave response. The gravitational-wave response model is determined by the detector’s opto-mechanical response and the properties of its feedback control system. The measurements used to validate the model and characterize its uncertainty are derived primarily from a dedicated photon radiation pressure actuator, with cross-checks provided by optical and radio frequency references. We describe how the gravitational-wave readout signal is calibrated into equivalent gravitational-wave-induced strain and how the statistical uncertainties and systematic errors are assessed. Detector data collected over 38 calendar days, from September 12 to October 20, 2015, contain the event GW150914 and approximately 16 days of coincident data used to estimate the event false alarm probability. The calibration uncertainty is less than 10% in magnitude and 10° in phase across the relevant frequency band, 20 Hz to 1 kHz.
dc.publisherAmerican Physical Society
dc.sourcePhysical Review D
dc.titleCalibration of the Advanced LIGO detectors for the discovery of the binary black-hole merger GW150914
dc.typeJournal article
local.description.notesImported from ARIES
local.identifier.absfor020102 - Astronomical and Space Instrumentation
local.type.statusPublished Version
local.contributor.affiliationAltin, Paul, College of Science, ANU
local.contributor.affiliationChow, Jong, College of Science, ANU
local.contributor.affiliationMansell, Georgia, College of Science, ANU
local.contributor.affiliationMcClelland, David, College of Science, ANU
local.contributor.affiliationMcManus, David, College of Science, ANU
local.contributor.affiliationNguyen, Thanh, College of Science, ANU
local.contributor.affiliationRabeling, David, College of Science, ANU
local.contributor.affiliationScott, Susan M, College of Science, ANU
local.contributor.affiliationShaddock, Daniel, College of Science, ANU
local.contributor.affiliationAbbott, B, LIGO - California Institute of Technology
local.contributor.affiliationAbbott, Robert, LIGO - California Institute of Technology
local.contributor.affiliationAbbott, T, Louisiana State University
local.contributor.affiliationAckley, K, University of Florida
local.contributor.affiliationAdhikari, Rana, LIGO - California Institute of Technology
local.contributor.affiliationBarish, Barry, California Institute of Technology
local.contributor.affiliationBarsotti, L, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
local.contributor.affiliationBerger, B K, California Institute of Technology
local.contributor.affiliationBilenko, I A, Moscow State University
local.contributor.affiliationBillingsley, G, California Institute of Technology
local.contributor.affiliationBlackburn, James Kent, California Institute of Technology
local.contributor.affiliationBlair, David Gerald, University of Western Australia
local.contributor.affiliationBork, R, California Institute of Technology
local.contributor.affiliationBraginsky, V, Moscow State University
local.contributor.affiliationCannon, Kipp, Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics
local.contributor.affiliationCoward, D, University of Western Australia
local.contributor.affiliationDhurandhar, S, Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics
local.contributor.affiliationEhrens, P, California Institute of Technology
local.contributor.affiliationEtzel, T, California Institute of Technology
local.contributor.affiliationFairhurst, S, Cardiff University
local.contributor.affiliationFavata, Marc, Montclair State University
local.contributor.affiliationFrei, Z, Eotvos University
local.contributor.affiliationFritschel, Peter, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
local.contributor.affiliationGehrels, N, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
local.contributor.affiliationGiaime, J, Louisiana State University
local.contributor.affiliationHeptonstall, A, California Institute of Technology
local.contributor.affiliationHowell, E, University of Western Australia
local.contributor.affiliationHuttner, S.H., University of Glasgow
local.contributor.affiliationKells, W, California Institute of Technology
local.contributor.affiliationKorth, W. Zach, California Institute of Technology
local.contributor.affiliationKozak, D, California Institute of Technology
local.contributor.affiliationLasky, P. D., Monash University
local.contributor.affiliationLazzarini, A, California Institute of Technology
local.contributor.affiliationLockerbie, N.A., University of Strathclyde
local.contributor.affiliationMageswaran, M, California Institute of Technology
local.contributor.affiliationMaros, E, California Institute of Technology
local.contributor.affiliationMartynov, D, California Institute of Technology
local.contributor.affiliationMatichard, F, LIGO—Massachusetts Institute of Technology
local.contributor.affiliationMavalvala, Nergis , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
local.contributor.affiliationMelatos, Andrew, University of Melbourne
local.contributor.affiliationMendell, G, LIGO Hanford Observatory
local.contributor.affiliationMeshkov, S, California Institute of Technology
local.contributor.affiliationOelker, E, LIGO—Massachusetts Institute of Technology
local.contributor.affiliationOttaway, D J, University of Adelaide
local.contributor.affiliationPedraza, M, California Institute of Technology
local.contributor.affiliationPenn, S, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
local.contributor.affiliationReed, C M, Hanford Observatory
local.contributor.affiliationReitze, D, University of Florida
local.contributor.affiliationSammut, L, University of Melbourne
local.contributor.affiliationSaulson, P, Syracuse University
local.contributor.affiliationSigg, D, LIGO Hanford Observatory
local.contributor.affiliationSintes, A, Universitat de les Illes Balears
local.contributor.affiliationSouradeep, T, Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics
local.contributor.affiliationStrain, Ken A, University of Glasgow
local.contributor.affiliationStrigin, S, Moscow State University
local.contributor.affiliationSummerscales, T.Z., Andrews University
local.contributor.affiliationSlagmolen, Bram, College of Science, ANU
local.contributor.affiliationWade, Andrew, College of Science, ANU
local.contributor.affiliationWard, Robert, College of Science, ANU
local.contributor.affiliationQin, Jiayi, University of Western Australia
local.contributor.affiliationYap, Min Jet, College of Science, ANU
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