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Evaluation of electrical and thermal performance of a rooftop-friendly hybrid linear CPV-T micro-concentrator system

Author(s)Everett, Vernie; Harvey, Judith; Surve, Sachin; Thomsen, Elizabeth; Walters, Daniel; Vivar, Marta; Tanner, Andrew; Greaves, Mikal; LeLievre, Peter; Blakers, Andrew
TypeConference paper
Date Published2012
Date CreatedMay 17-20 2011

Superdirective all-dielectric nanoantennas: Theory and experiment

Author(s)Belov, Pavel A; Krasnok, AE; Filonov, Dmitry S; Simovski, Constantin; Kivshar, Yuri
TypeConference paper
Date Published2014
Date CreatedApril 7-10 2014

The impact of 18 F(α,p) 21 Ne reaction on fluorine production in AGB stars

Author(s)Karakas, Amanda; Lee, Hye Young; Lugaro, Maria Anna; Gorres, J.; Wiescher, M.
TypeConference paper
Date Published2008
Date Created27 Jul - 1 Aug 2008

Space-Time MIMO Channel Modelling using Angular Power Distributions

Author(s)Betlehem, Terence; Lamahewa, Tharaka; Abhayapala, Thushara
TypeConference paper
Date Published2006
Date CreatedFebruary 1-3 2006

A Forensic Authorship Classification in SMS Messages: A Likelihood Ratio Based Approach Using N-gram

Author(s)Ishihara, Shunichi
TypeConference paper
Date Published2011
Date CreatedDecember 1-2 2011

A predictive model for dynamic microarchitectural adaptivity control

Author(s)Dubach, Christophe; Jones, Timonthy; Bonilla, Edwin; O'Boyle, Michael
TypeConference paper
Date Published2010
Date CreatedDecember 4-8 2010

On the Placement of RF Energy Harvesting Node in Wireless Networks with Secrecy Considerations

Author(s)He, Biao; Zhou, Xiangyun
TypeConference paper
Date Published-
Date Created2014

Fuzzy Word Similarity: A Semantic Approach Using WordNet

Author(s)Manna, Sukanya; Mendis, B Sumudu
TypeConference paper
Date Published2010
Date CreatedJuly 18-23 2010

AR models of singular spectral matrices

Author(s)Anderson, Brian; Deistler, Manfred; Chen, Weitian; Filler, Alexander
TypeConference paper
Date Published2009
Date CreatedDecember 16-18 2009

Source Coding for a Noiseless Broadcast Channel with Partial Receiver Side Information

Author(s)Timo, Roy; Grant, Alex J; Hanlen, Leif
TypeConference paper
Date Published2007
Date CreatedFebruary 5-7 2007

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